“Brannon has made brilliant behind the scenes contributions on every book I’ve written. Because of the exceptional quality of his work, I’m thrilled to give him free reign on editing. Any project I do is incomplete without ‘the Brannon touch’…

“Brannon is the fastest, most thorough and detailed editor I’ve ever seen. He delivers, and he exceeds expectations…

“Brannon’s passion for excellence overflows onto the written page. Not only has he helped me with the editing and research on several of my books, but he has coached me and helped me improve as a writer.”

Craig Groeschel
Senior Pastor

“In a sight and sound generation, the economy and the power of written words can and should be strong. Brannon is the solution you’re looking for (and maybe a solution you didn’t know you needed). His passion, gift and years of experience keep us from spending valuable time and energy trying to write and communicate something he’s built to do. His work ethic, integrity, and sincere desire to help make him an invaluable part of our team.”

Marc Harper
General Manager
Outreach Films

“Brannon took my original work and formatted it in such a way that my publisher had exactly what they needed. Brannon provides so much more than proofing and editing. His services added a consistency to the fifty chapters of my book that simply wasn’t there before. If excellence is your goal, Brannon is your guy.”

Scott Werner
National Director, Church Relationships
Compassion International

“Brannon is one of the most talented IT professionals I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His skill set was current and exacting. He strove for excellence in everything he did. I regret that Brannon decided to leave our company, because it has not been possible to find someone who could match his technical expertise. He constantly reinvented his skill set, always taking it to the next level. He was not the type to chase the newest and the brightest toy on the market. He went after solid solutions that provided a quality product and the most bang for the buck. I thoroughly recommend Brannon.”

Jim Scott

“Brannon is a very talented writer. He is very technically competent, and he also possesses the ability to grasp and communicate big picture ideas. Brannon is also a person of integrity who lives by his values and convictions.”

Bobby Gruenewald
Pastor, Innovation Leader

“Brannon focuses on making technical subjects clear and easy to understand for a less technical audience. He frequently incorporates digital photography and diagrams into his work to make things easier to understand. Brannon is very comfortable learning new tools and using them to improve what he produces. Brannon doesn’t hesitate to go beyond what is typical for writers. For example, he learned the tools and techniques used by our department for web application development so he could integrate his documentation as context-sensitve online help.”

Ian Payne
Devon Energy

“Brannon is constantly praised for his ability to gather complex technical information and document it for the common user. His expert skills proved to be invaluable specifically to our team of engineers, and then later to our entire facility. My years of personal working experience with Brannon were rewarding, and any company should be chomping at the bit to have this talented individual on their team.”

Jeremy Overton
Network Security Officer
Dynanet Corporation

“I had many opportunities to see Brannon’s work at Applied Intelligence Group, and his technical writing skills were always top notch. He was able to understand technical details and present those details with a style that made knowledge transfer easy. I always enjoyed working with him, and I looked forward to the times we could work on the same project together.”

Rick Loomis
IS Consulting Professional

“I worked with Brannon for years, and I enjoyed his work ethic and personality. He is completely committed to the job at hand and yet always makes time for team members’ individual needs. His participation in our team was a highlight of my employment with that organization.”

Joe Bednarz
Oracle Database Administrator
University of Oklahoma