Ladies’ Hair Companion

Partly because so many people told me they enjoyed the Haircut Prognosticator—but mainly because my good friend Krista V. from Outreach Films sent me a scanned image of a girls’ version, thus saving me from having to come up with something fresh and inspired myself—I decided to share with you this response. I tried to make it appropriately pink and frilly. For the ladies.

I don’t mind telling you, frankly I was surprised to learn how much simpler this decision can be for women. So ladies, finally you can stop trying to find objectivity in a perpetually difficult decision that, realistically, is based largely on emotion. It’s just been made practical for you. Use a flowchart. (And you’re welcome.)

If you need directions, ask a woman. If you need a flowchart, ask a man.

Ladies' Hair Companion

This flowchart is provided by as-is, with no warranty, and no guarantee that it will work for your specific situation. If you are suffering a legitimate hair emergency, seek immediate assistance from some lady friends and a trusted stylist with a proven reputation. What did I miss? What else should be included?

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